See the video below? It is a video about a luxury car "Vending Machine" that was created by the team at SENATUS.

This vending machine is so unique in Singapore that the YourSingapore Facebook Page, the official Facebook Page of Visit Singapore, decided to feature the same video on their Facebook Page with the possible intend of telling travelers to come and visit Singapore to see this luxury car "Vending Machine".

However, YourSingapore Facebook Page admins didn't linked the video to Senatus, instead they decided to Freeboot the video into the Facebook Page, thus stealing views from Senatus.

The credit was only given to Senatus after it was noted by Senatus and one prominent Singapore Blogger, Benjamin "Mr Myagi" Lee, of the Freebooting. As a result of this Freebooting, Senatus probably lost 41K views to YourSingapore.

Benjamin also noted that his comment was hidden by YourSingapore but YourSingapore assured in a comment that it wasn't.

Freebooting, originally, refers to the downloading of videos from Youtube and putting it on Facebook, but in this case, it was a Facebook Page freebooting another Page.

SENATUS, according to their Facebook page, is a "Lifestyle and Luxury Magazine featuring topics ranging from Art, Entertainment, Beauty & Fashion, Health & Living, Motoring, Travel to Technology". 


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