Nothing beats fire fighting on Facebook on a Monday morning for NTUC Membership had to deal with the fallout over a staff's alleged racist comments about Malay weddings held at void decks.

Though the Facebook user has already made her Facebook Profile private, a screenshot was tagged to NTUC Membership Facebook Page from a fan. The tagged photo generated 5,616 likes, 2,063 comments and 278 shares as of the posting of this blog.

Click on photo to see the rest of the comments.

Comments on the photo range from calls to withdraw NTUC membership to questioning the absurdity of how a wedding, even for one held at a void deck can only cost SGD50.

Cool heads have also called for refraining from "making nasty comments" about Amy Cheong's race but to focus on the above post it self.

NTUC Membership has since made a status update about the remarks.

Wrote NTUC Membership,

"This matter is being investigated and we will have a report in due course. This is a serious concern to all of us and will be addressed shortly. The Labour Movement centers on inclusivity and we will not accept words or action of any of our staff that is insensitive or offending to any community. "

On its website, NTUC described their vision to create "A better and more meaningful life where working people of all collars, all ages, and all nationalities can live, work and play together in Singapore".

Unless of course, you get folks who are envious over SGD50 weddings.

(Update: Amy Cheong has apologised for her comments, but is it enough the stroke the flames she initially ignited?)


  1. Anonymous  

    October 8, 2012 at 10:00 AM

    The apology is wholly centered on her fear of losing her job! Anyone who reads can see it! She has not apologized in any way to the Malay Community for her racist comments. That was not an apology,it was a farce!!

  2. Anonymous  

    October 8, 2012 at 11:24 AM

    Btw how can a wedding cost $50. N she is ignorant!!!Ntuc better do something abt it. If not i am gg to boycott ntuc.!!!! So pissed!!!!!!!! What she thinking saying all tat the malays have been tolerance to our noisy funeral n our 7th mth air pollution. Haizzzz brainless bitch!!!

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